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What should you do if you own a B Khata Property?

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There has been quite a stir in the real estate market of Karnataka, with the Karnataka Government putting a halt on the issue of B Khata Certificates to new residential and commercial properties by the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

What is B Khata

The A Khata and the B Khata:

As per the Governemnt the B Khata certificates only indicate towards the existence of a certain property that can be assessed for taxation, but does not indicate towards either the ownership rights or the legality of the property. In lay man’s term, to hold the legal status in the eye of the law, a property has to be certified under the A Khata. A, B Khata status makes a property illegal in the eye of the Karnataka Court and also makes them liable to pay compensation to the court. The Karnataka Court has asked the BBMP to bring all properties under the A Khata register. In case that your property does not fall under this list, then it is held under the B Khata, which establishes the fact that the building or property is still pending sanction and also that you hold no proof of ownership over it.

This includes the residents of a complex namely Sharadamba Residency, situated in Kengeri Hobli in South Bengaluru. The 20 residents of this complex have come together to file a case against the verdict of the BBMP of their property being a B Khata Property.

What is a Khata?

Before we get about finding a solution to the problem, it is important that we learn what a Khata is. The Khata is nothing but an Account. This is a special document that proves the fact that the owner of the property has an account with the BBMP. The khata represents the fact that the property owner is liable to pay property tax against a sanctioned property. Some of the different contents and specifications contained in the Khata, include- location of the property, size of the property, name of the owner, tax assessment, property number, built-up area, demarcations and many other specifications.

What to do, in case that you come across the B Khata Issue?

There are a number of things that you can do to opt out of a situation where you come to own a property that is certified as a B Khata Property. First and foremost you will have to derive the occupancy certificate you own or are about to. Once this is achieved a property can very easily be transferred from a B khata to an A khata. The documents that you require to do so are-What to do When It is B Khata

  • Title deed,
  • Sale deed,
  • Copies of previously paid property tax receipts,
  • Copies of paid improvement charges, if any,
  • Blueprint showcasing the location of the property
  • Blueprint showing the dimensions and other various certified specifications covered by the property
  • Khata extract which has been issued by the Panchayat and thereafter submitted by the developer
  • Possession certificate, etc.

Once all these documents are produced in front of the Court, the property can be converted from B khata to A khata certified status.

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