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Impacts of different colors on your lives when you apply them on your house walls

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When you are about to color your new house or about to change the colors of your existing house, there are a number of things that you actually think. You often think that which color will look good on which wall and which colors will make your house look brighter and beautiful. But do you know that these colors can also have a psychological impact on your lifestyle?

This has been proved by Science as well as Feng Shui and Vastu colors have a very important role to play in life. This can be noticed by the fact that a white bright light consists of the seven colors VIBGYOR that means Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. All different colors are made by the different combination of these seven colors.

Impacts of various colors

Now it is again important to know that how each color can impact your lives.Vasavi Builders Home Tips_Wall Color 1

  • The color orange or amber often is known to increase your appetite and improve your neurological systems. It is also said to take care of some serious problems such as bronchial issues and infections. It also symbolizes spirituality and is known to keep good communication at home.
  • Green is said to be a color that keeps serious issues related to heart, ulcers, blood pressure, flu and depression related terms away. The color also is known for growth and balance.
  • Violet or also known as purple is said to have good effects on infections, blood related issues, skin and brain. It is also connected at times with creativity and imagination.
  • Red reduces stress, anger and offers rest to your muscles. Thus, it is connected with determination, energy and passion.
  • Indigo is related with relaxation and idealism.
  • Similar to indigo, blue also is connected to peace and sometimes also intelligence.
  • Yellow is the color that improves digestion, memory, muscle and appetite. The color also symbolizes creativity and humor.

Use of proper colors to create a good environment at home

So, when by now you have understood the impacts of various colors on your lives, it may have become easier for you to select proper colors for your home. If you are some more detailing, then there are also a number of tips that you can follow. Vastu and Feng Shui believes that it is not that the color of the walls effects the lifestyles, also it is important to make sure about the direction where a particular colored wall is.Vasavi Builders Home Tips_Wall Color 2

  • When you are using the colors violet or purple or blue, make sure that your house is facing either to the east or south direction. These colors symbolize growth of wealth and harmony similar to the color green. So, for green color also you should see that your house must be facing the east or south direction.
  • The color yellow or orange is good for relationships and commitments. Before using these colors make sure your house faces north, west or north-west direction.
  • The colors brown, pink, red and similar shades are for stress free environments and good terms. Your house should be southeast, south or northeast facing for such colors.

Use these small tips and you can make your house look beautiful with great positive vibes.

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