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Confused between A Khata and B Khata?

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A Khata is a very important documentation when it comes to legalising the construction and dealing of any kind of property in Karnataka. Whether the property is of commercial nature or residential nature, it must appear in the Khata to make it licensed and makes it applicable for trade and acquire loans upon. It is only when a property is entered in the khata that the owner becomes eligible to get a loan on from bank or any other financial institution based upon it. In case that you are still a little wary about what a khata is, here is a genuine definition.

A Khata or B Khata Confused

What is a khata?

Khata is one of the most important legal documentation owned by the Karnataka Government. The khata consists of a number of details on a property. Some of the minute details enlisted in the khata are-

  • Name of the Owner
  • Number of the plot
  • Location of the plot
  • Area and size of the plot or the building
  • The number of floors
  • The day of establishment
  • The day of completion, and a lot more.

These details are of optimum importance when filing for property tax. Hence, the khata is basically a document that licences the property and announces it as eligible to pay tax. Having the property name enlisted in the khata, ensures the fact that the owner of the property is liable to pay taxes to the BBMP and also that their property is an authentic construction. There are mainly two types of khata, Khata A and Khata B and both of them have their unique significances.

Khata A & B:

Khata DocumentLately there has been a huge confusion regarding the significance of the two khatas and also the similarities and differences between the two. The Khata A is mainly the khata that is being talked about till now. It is mainly a register that contains the names and details of licensed properties and their tax details. On the other hand the Khata B is the register of properties that are outstanding on their taxes and are yet to receive their khata certificate, legal status or the khata extract.

The two elements of Khata A:

There are two elements of khata, these are-

       – The Khata Certificate:

The Khata Certificate is basically a document that a property owner requires to register his/her property or transfer the ownership of the property from one owner to the other. In order to make a request for the khata certificate the owner of the property needs to write a letter to the BBMP and also attach their latest paid tax receipt to it. These documents need to be submitted with the board along with a standard cost of Rs. 25 for each property they submit the letter for. It is this licence or certificate issues by Khata that will enable the property owners to apply for water and electricity connections or for that matter getting their hands on a commercial licence.

      – The Khata Extract:

The Khata Extract is the document that contains all the details regarding the property, some of which have been mentioned above.

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